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Propane Only:


Q: What should I do if I smell propane?


A: Propane has an odorant added to it that smells like a strong garlic/onion odor, rotten eggs or a lot like a skunk. If you have a strong smell of propane or have a leak, leave the premises immediately without using any device that may cause a source of ignition. (ie. light switches, phones or electronic devices) Go to a neighbor’s house or from a safe distance call 911 and Heritage Propane Inc. We will respond as soon as possible to find and rectify the problem. If you have a slight odor you should still call immediately as a small leak can accumulate in enclosed areas and become a problem. We are always willing to do a safety pressure test and inspection of your system. Call us to set up an appointment.

Q: What are the benefits and safety concerns of propane (LP-Gas)?


A: Please visit our safety page by clicking here. You can also check out these links below.

Fuel & Propane:

Q: What access is needed for deliveries?


A: In order to deliver to your home, we need clear access to your tank fill location. This means driveways must be clear of snow and ice, fill locations must be marked and cleared, gates must be unlocked and/or gate codes provided.

Q: How do I turn off my heating system in an emergency?


A: Most heating systems have am emergency shut off switch outside of the boiler room or at the top of the stairs leading to the basement. It is typically marked with a red switch plate. You can also turn off the circuit breaker on the main electrical panel. Both of these methods will shut down the power to the system and is the safest way to do so in an emergency.

Q: What should I do if I don’t have heat or hot water?


A: Before calling for service:

  1. Make sure the emergency switch is on, (usually marked with a red switch plate at the top of the basement stairs or outside the boiler room).

  2. Check that all circuit breakers are on.

  3. Check your tank gauge to make sure you have fuel or propane.

  4. Make sure the thermostat is set above the current room temperature, and if applicable the switch is turned to on or heat.

  5. If you have a reset button on your heating system, make sure it is pressed and released after 3 seconds. **Reset one time only!!**

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